Association Objectives

  • Facilitate the active participation of residents in matters of common interest to the community
  • Act as a form to quantify community interests and concerns
  • Act as a spokesperson for the community to promote and protect community interests
  • Make government bodies, agencies and corporations aware of community needs and concerns
  • Monitor building developments that are either proposed, or in progress in the area to ensure that they are consistent with the character of the community
  • To maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Ward 25 councillor Jaye Robinson on matters of interest to community residents
  • To continue to make our Don Valley West MPP and Premier the Hon Kathleen Wynne aware of her constituents regarding OMB mandate and actions that are negatively impacting the community
  • Current priorities are to address the community concerns regarding the Minto proposal for 260 stacked back-to-back townhouses at 740-750 York Mills Road and 17 Farmstead Road through discussions with Minto and preparation for an OMB hearing in January 2017.
  • To continue recruiting new YMLRA members by demonstration the advantages of membership and the need for member donations to support the legal and other costs associated with addressing community concerns regarding the proposed Minto development.