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Meet the Candidates for Councillor in our new Ward 15 – Don Valley West: Thursday, October 4

Several local ratepayers associations are hosting an event to meet, hear and question candidates for Councillor in our new Ward 15, Don Valley West, in the upcoming municipal election. You are invited!

The candidates are:
Jon Burnside (current Councillor, Ward 26)
Tanweer Khan
Minh Le
Jaye Robinson (current Councillor, Ward 25)
Nikola Streker

The meeting specifics are:
Date: Thursday, October 4
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: St John’s Anglican Church (main sanctuary)
Address: 19 Don Ridge Drive

With two incumbents among the candidates running in our new expanded ward, it is important to make an informed choice. This is your opportunity!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Michael Orr
YMLRA Executive

YMLRA Executive Survey

August 20, 2018
Dear Resident

In addition to our ongoing focus on the Minto development situation plus other local development activities which would impact our community, the YMLRA Executive would like to ascertain which other topics are of particular interest to residents in our community.

This will help us to determine how we can best support the needs of our community and how we can work most effectively with neighbouring associations.

Discussions have indicated that the following topics may be of particular interest to our residents:

  • Information session on traffic, transit, community safety & security
  • Meeting with Kathleen Wynne, our MPP for Don Valley West
  • Meeting with Jaye Robinson, our local councillor, including potential impacts of ward boundary changes in coming election
  • Community BBQ with kids activities (approach local businesses to sponsor) to foster community spirit
  • Real estate market update
  • Development issues, including: what is the plan? Concerns of congestion & lack of infrastructure; understand the new Local Planning Appeals Tribunal process (replaces OMB).
  • Fund raising and/or charity event
  • Community clean-up

We would ask that you consider these items and indicate the top 3 – 4 which most interested you. We then ask that you send a brief email to
identifying these topics. We will compile the input, post the results on the YMLRA website and use them in helping to fashion / determine the future actions and activities of the YMLRA.

If you have additional topics that you are particularly interest in, we encourage you include them in your email response as well.

Thank you for your time and interest