FAQ – Minto Development

1) Since there was no legal challenge and lawyers were not retained regarding the Minto Development at 740-750 York Mills Road & 17 Farmstead, can I get my contribution back?
The YMLRA has incurred costs that were essential in preparation for the potential challenge at the OMB. Those requesting refunds will receive a pro-rated amount based on the amount contributed and the expenses incurred by the Association, including a legal review of the Minto agreement and for the development of the YMLRA website.

2) What is the next step?
There will be a YMLRA annual meeting called in the next few months to which only members who have paid their dues to the association will be invited. Anyone who has contributed $50.00 or more since the YMRA was created will be invited to attend.

3) How much money was collected?
The finances and books of the YMLRA will be shared only with the members at the annual meeting this Spring.

4) Why did the YMLRA not obtain legal counsel to oppose the Minto development at the OMB.
Insufficient funds were contributed.

5) Can YMLRA provide a receipt for my contribution?
The YMLRA is not a registered charitable organization. Contributions made to the association are not donations and as such are not tax deductible. A receipt can be provided for contributors who request it. The receipts will identify they are not a charitable donation.

6) What will happen next regarding the development?
Minto is moving forward on the Site Plan Approval (SPA) process which has been submitted to the appropriate City departments. The SPA is required before construction can begin.

7) Will the community have input regarding possible disruption during the construction?
Minto has verbally agreed to consult with the YMLRA Executive on some aspects of the construction and related issues.

8) Will Minto be paying the YMLRA for their services?
No, the YMLRA executive have given their time and best efforts free of charge in the interest of the community and are going to continue as effectively as they can, time permitting.

9) Are there any benefits to accrue to the community as compensation for the development of the 192 units?
Section 37 is part of any major construction project in which the developer provides funds for the local community. Part of the agreement with the City of Toronto and Minto involves payment to the City of $650,000. The YMLRA will be working to ensure the funds will be used to improve Kirkwood and Mossgrove Parks.

10) Which units/blocks were removed from the 260 unit initial plan to the reduced 192 unit development?
The remaining blocks of stacked townhouses will be the units fronting onto, and to the south of, Farmstead Road. The units along York Mills, and the SW and SE corners of the site have been eliminated.
Once the Minto agreement is publicly available, please see the “Minutes of Settlement” on the website. Schedule B of the agreement shows a site plan with the location of the four blocks of 192 townhouses units and the designated green space on the SW and S areas of the site.

11) Can the community do anything to prevent or modify the development of the 192 townhouses?
Unfortunately, no.

12) Will construction occur at weekends and holidays?
Minto has agreed not to work on Saturdays for outside noisy construction except when work can’t be stopped, such as pouring concrete. Once the outside of the units is completed, they may do inside construction such as electrical, inside partitioning, etc.
Residents who experience intolerable disruption caused by the construction should contact the appropriate City department.

13) What type of parking issues can we expect?
The executive had obtained a petition to only allow parking on one side of Farmstead along it’s north-west direction. While the Parking authority had agreed, they have failed to put up signs indicating this along most of the street length. We encourage you to contact the parking authority of North York and add your support.

While Minto is making plans to have space for construction crews and residents on it’s land, we encourage the community members to get involved and call Councillor Jaye Robinson’s office and the North York Municipality should there be problems with on-street parking as a result of the construction.

Individuals can contact about these issues.
Sidra Rahimzada
Engineering Technologist
Transportation Services, Traffic Operations
City of Toronto – North York District
North York Civic Centre
(Phone) 416-395-7478
(Fax) 416-395-7544
(Email) srahimz@toronto.ca